Get Mitsubishi Aircon Jet Air Scroll Technology
We used the same aerodynanamic analysis technology as used in developing jet engines.
CFD (computational fluid aynamics), used in blade shape design of jet engines, has been applied to the design of air channel in air
conditioners to developing the ideal air channel system (air circulation). The jet air stream generated by this air channel system can bring large volume air without consuming much power. While at the same time, it delivers a uniform gentle breeze to every corner of the room.

Long Reach Air Flow
Powerful airflow is realized by jet technology. Good for large living rooms and shops. Increase your comfort.

3D AUTO is one touch programmed and three motors (one vertical working motor + two horizontal working motors) make three independent air flow controls.

The uniform and quiet airflow can be delivered to every corner of the room, achieving economical operation and minimizing energy loss.

Get Mitsubishi 3D AUTO Air Scroll

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